Friday, 18 May 2018

Fan Art: Megaman Zero - Zero

Drawn By: WrittenDusk

A two version upload! Here's my promised Megaman Zero fan art!

It's been awhile since I did a drawing with text in mind. Although I would've been fine only uploading the image with the text in it, I know many would prefer it without the text as well.

Zero has always been such a cool character since the Megaman X series, but I never thought he could get even cooler; or needed to be. That was until the Megaman Zero series. The new sleek design coupled with the story, set in the far future of the X series, gave the idea that this is Zero without his armour. It was such a cool idea then, and it's still cool now. How awesome would it be to see him again in a new Megaman game?! 

Too bad it's highly unlikely right now. But since I never finished all 4 Megaman Zero games yet, I can at least do that. I made an attempt before, but I got stuck. It was way harder than I remembered it being, haha.

Putting that aside, this drawing actually came together relatively quickly. Most of this is obviously due to the staple cool pose and simple composition I chose, but I think once again the focused mind set really helped. Keeping a clear goal and priority in mind made it much easier to make decisions and adjustments while drawing.

Among the many aspects of this drawing, I am most pleased with my colouring and the font designs of the letters "Z.E.R.O". After finishing the Megaman fanart, I found that I am still misusing my colours. Not only were a lot of the details obscured on Megaman with the darker colours, but it also lessened the impact of the subject matter; the charge shot. This time I made sure to pull back on the darker colours, so that they complemented the rest instead of covering them.

The font design, on the other hand, was actually the results of a happy accident. I went through two designs before this. The first design was something closer to the original box art text; mimicking details and colours while making small additions and changes. But it didn't turn out that great; and it wasn't what I was looking for. So I went for a more modern style instead while interpreting the original design elements. I was happy with the direction, but I wasn't really feeling the colours of the text. It felt better each time I changed it, but it still felt slightly off. Then as I continued to experiment, the right colours and font style suddenly appeared while I turned my layers on and off. It was pretty much an "Ah Ha!" moment.

Overall this drawing is, by far, the drawing I'm most pleased with. I honestly feel that this is really my best so far. I know I say this a lot, but unlike my usual "best so far", this one has a hint of that "impact" I was looking for; that impact you get from the pros. I feel like I've finally reached something important. This drawing is probably my new turning point.

But there is one problem; like with many things. I'm not exactly sure how I did this. Which sucks.

It's frustrating, but at least there is something for me to identify. The evidence exists! All that's left to do is to discover what really happened.

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